Updated on
MS University teacher to head child rights panel in Vadodara October 1, 2012
M S University to lure foreign students in Vadodara September 26, 2012
MS University to discuss manuscript issue again in Vadodara September 21, 2012
MSU in fix over giving access to 6,500 Jain manuscripts in Vadodara September 18, 2012
MS University auditorium to be renamed after its chancellor Mrinalinidevi Puar September 14, 2012
MSU syndicate to discuss key issues in Vadodara on Friday September 14, 2012
MS University teacher to present paper at international conference on ‘Sikhism, Literature and Films’ in US September 13, 2012
M S University, NGO hold national seminar on consumerism in India September 7, 2012
MSU to set up special fund to help poor students study in Vadodara September 5, 2012
North east, western Indian writers meet at M S University in Vadodara August 30, 2012
At MS University imported cars lie idle August 30, 2012
MSU prof bags IIM’s award for contribution in academic, R&D In Vadodara August 28, 2012
MSU’s budding engineers to add more colour to ‘Paramarsh’12 in Vadodara August 25, 2012
MSU signs MoU with INFLIBNET Centre to be part of ‘Shodhganga’ project in Baroda August 25, 2012
NSUI threatens stir after MS University rejects demand for recounting in Vadodara August 24, 2012
Last day of electioneering for MSUSU polls evokes little response August 22, 2012
MSUSU elections: 34,006 students eligible for voting in Vadodara August 22, 2012
Stage set for MS University students’ union polls in Vadodara August 22, 2012
M S University reaches out to students from northeast in Vadodara August 20, 2012
Nanda meets MSU VC over NE issue in vadodara August 20, 2012
Withdrawals over, lines drawn for MSUSU polls in Vadodara August 18, 2012
ABVP declares candidates for MSU Students Union polls in Vadodara August 8, 2012
Ahead of polls, security beefed up on MS University campus in Varodara August 7, 2012
MSU senate member opposes move to affiliate Gotri Medical College in Vadodara August 6, 2012
MU University students union elections to be held on August 22 in Vadodara August 6, 2012
Indian Air Force on drive to induct MSU’s PG science students in Vadodara August 6, 2012
Photography exhibition in MSU captures celebration of life in vadodara August 6, 2012
Faculty of Technology and Engineering gears up to host Paramarsh ’12 in Vadodara August 6, 2012
Microsoft plans innovation centre at MSU in Varodara July 31, 2012
MSU syndicate to decide fate of Oriental Institute’s ‘copy cat’ teacher in Varodara July 31, 2012
MS University revokes suspension of six students in Varodara July 31, 2012
MSU to beef up security with wireless handsets July 28, 2012
Four Girl students is turning bigger on M S U campus July 28, 2012
M S University vice-chancellor to become a teacher at Faculty of Science July 25, 2012
MSU starts undergraduate course in Management and Rural Studies July 25, 2012
Placement at MSU’s science faculty goes hi-tech! February 19, 2010
MSU social work faculty signs first int’l MoU November 12, 2009
Popularity of BBA, BCA courses takes a beating in vadodara! May 27, 2009