• Student dragged and beaten up for sending friendship proposal in Ahmedabad
     August 9th, 2012     Kunal     Posted in Education In Gujarat, Gujarat in News

    Tension gripped Jail road late on Tuesday when 20-25 youth pulled a student out of the tuition class and assaulted him in public.

    According to police, no official complaint has been registered but on Tuesday night, a group of 20-25 youth and people came to a tuition class situated on jail road and pulled the students out of the class. The people took him in public and attacked him. He was even dragged on the road.Police said on Sunday, this youth had offered to do friendship with a girl who was studying with him. However, the parents of the girl came to know of the proposal and they decided to teach this youth a lesson.

    The parents and relative of the even threatened the youth and other students not to inform the police or else they too would face the similar situation.

    However, the residents of the area have made representation tot he police officials to ensure safety of the students and also take steps to prevent such incident.

    Officials said that they cannot take any action against the relative unless a official complaint is given.