• Science City to mark Mars landing in Ahmedabad
     August 6th, 2012     Kunal     Posted in IT in Gujarat

     As Nasa’s extraterrestrial explorer Curiosity rolls on planet Mars on Monday, the state students and science aficionados will get a close look at the entire mission at Science City. A slew of programmes have been planned to mark the event.

    The rover, launched in November last year, will reach the neighbouring planet on Monday afternoon as per Indian time. The rover has radioisotope thermoelectric generator and batteries for power supply and a mobile lab containing 10 instruments, including spectrometer, radiation detector, and soil sample analyzer. Curiosity has 17 cameras by which the operators on the Earth will navigate the vehicle on Mars’ surface.

    One of the purposes of sending the vehicle, considered to be the largest and most sophisticated robotic explorer sent in the space, is to ascertain whether the planet had hosted microscopic life on its soil ever or has chances to sustain life. The mission will last two years.

    Senior scientist at Science City, Narottam Sahoo said that the landing can be witnessed live on Google+ video channel on Monday. “Apart from the web video stream, we’ve a number of surprises. We’ve Mission to Mars exhibit in Hall of Space where we’ll have simulation of the Mars Rover, the first vehicle sent to Mars. In the activity, the students will have to maneuver the vehicle and gather data in a time given,” said Sahoo. “Moreover, we will have an exhibit showing Curiosity’s mission and purpose. The visitors can also see the planet through telescope.”