• No takers for GU’s Computer on Wheels in Ahmedabad
     August 18th, 2012     Kunal     Posted in Education In Gujarat, Gujarat in News

     There are no takers for the Gujarat University’s ambitious Computer on Wheels (COW) project meant to familiarize students and homemakers with the basics of computer applications.The acting vice chancellor, Dr Mukul Shah said, “Homemakers are not coming forward to learn computers through COW prompting the GU to scrap plans to introduce two more COWs.”

    Dr Shah said that the current expenditure incurred to pay the two employees of COW was Rs 30,000 per month against which there was hardly any homemaker or student from the backward class coming to use the cow. GU is pondering over whether to scrap the COW as it is hardly serving any purpose. GU received Rs 30 lakh grant from Ahmedabad district collector’s office to launch COW, which was envisioned to have 17 computers with internet facility. COW was developed as a mobile computer laboratory which would be parked in rural areas to familiarize children from the village with computer basics. The vehicle was launched with great fanfare by GU vice-chancellor-Parimal Trivedi. GU sources say that COW is yet another case of vision without implementation. “The project was commissioned without working out the operational basics and need-based survey,” said a GU official.