• MSUSU elections: 34,006 students eligible for voting in Vadodara
     August 22nd, 2012     Kunal     Posted in Education In Gujarat, Gujarat in News

    MS UniversityA total of 34,006 students are eligible for voting this year during the M S University Students Union (MSUSU) polls that will be held at MSU campus on Wednesday. MSU has geared up to host the elections for the two top posts of MSUSU general secretary and vice-president along with 18 seats of faculty representatives.
    Although less compared to last year, MSU’s biggest faculty – Faculty of Commerce – this time has 13,220 students who are eligible to vote.

    At Faculty of Arts, 4,200 students and at Faculty of Education and Psychology 549 students will be able to vote. At Faculty of Fine Arts, 416 students and at Faculty of Family and Community Sciences, 1022 students are eligible to vote.

    Faculty of Faculty of Journalism and Communication has the lowest number of voters as only 41 students will be eligible for voting. Similarly, even at Faculty of Management Studies, the total number of voters is 70.

    At Faculty of Law, 1234, Faculty of Medicine 1800 and Faculty of Performing Arts 244 students are eligible for exercising their voting right. At Faculty of Science, the total eligible voters are 3299 whereas at Faculty of Social Work, 250 students are eligible for voting. At Faculty of Technology and Engineering, 3393 students will be eligible this year for voting. At Baroda Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya, all the 132 students can vote whereas at Padra College, 2301 students are eligible for voting. University’s Polytechnic College counts for 1835 students who are eligible for voting.