• Last day of electioneering for MSUSU polls evokes little response
     August 22nd, 2012     Kunal     Posted in Education In Gujarat, Gujarat in News

    MS UniversityThe MS University (MSU) campus wore a deserted look despite Monday being the last day of campaigning for MSU Students’ Union (MSUSU) elections. The percentage of students who were absent was high as they took Monday to be a holiday due to Eid festivities.

    There were a handful of student leaders and few students at the Faculty of Science during the day. The election campaign scene shifted to private tuition classes and smaller faculties that saw some student presence. The students contesting polls were also unable to bring out rallies due to the situation on the campus.

    Meanwhile, the university started preparations for the polls. Tin sheets were being placed at all the compound walls of the campus to ensure that on the day of the polls, unwanted elements were kept at bay. A series of meetings has been planned on Tuesday to give final touches to the preparations.

    In all, 34,006 students are eligible to vote for the polls scheduled on Wednesday. The university has put up 79 polling booths and counting will take place at 62 booths.

    The university has for the first time planned to give an update on the counting of votes on its website every 30 minutes. Large screens are being put up at the union pavilion and the main building of the Faculty of Commerce so that students can see the latest figures.