• Gujarat PSI (Police Sub Inspector) Recruitments, Goverment jobs rocking in Gujarat.
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    Due to recession in market now days people are prefer for government jobs.  Lots of recruitment going on in Gujarat police.

    Below are details of opening in Gujarat police for PSI.

    1) PSI –  intelligence office (CID)- Class -III

    2) Police Sub inspector (PSI Bin hathiyari) Class -III (680 Openings)

    3) Police Lok Raksak (8724 Openings)
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    Below are process for each of government opening.
    1) PSI – intelligence office (CID)- Class -III

    PART-I ; Physical Screening Test
    I) Qualification criteria for Physical Screening Test IB -PSI (For Men )
    (i) Running 100 meters – 15 second
    (ii) Long Jump – 4.27 meters
    (iii) Putting the shot (7.257 kg) or 16 lbs – 5.90 meters
    (iv) High Jump – 1.22 meters
    (v) Running 800 meters – 3 minutes and 10 seconds.

    II) Qualification criteria for Physical Screening Test IB-PSI(Woman )
    (i) Running 100 meters 18 second
    (ii) Long Jump 2.78 meters
    (iii) Putting the shot (3.629 kg) or 8 lbs 4.80 meters
    (iv) High Jump 0.99 meters
    (v) Running 800 meters 4 minutes and 5 seconds.

    III) Qualification criteria for Physical Screening IB-PSI(Ex-serviceman)
    (i) Running 2400 meters 12 minutes
    (ii) Running 100 meters 18 to 19 seconds
    (iii) 5 meters shuttle (in 1 min.) 12
    (iv) Sit up (Bend knee) 25 to 29
    (v) Push up 18 to 19

    Only the candidates, who qualify in each of the physical standards fixed for them as above, shall be eligible to appear in the preliminary examination as specified in Part- II. There will be no marks for the physical screening test.

    Time : One Hour 100 Marks
    General Knowledge (Objective Type):
    1. The test shall consist of objective type questions from the subjects such as
    general knowledge, current affairs, Psychology, history, geography, sociology, science and the Constitution of India.

    2. The passing standard shall be decided by the Board and only those who are successful in the preliminary examination shall be eligible to appear in the main examination.


    1. The main examination shall be of 350 marks consisting of 3 written papers of 100 marks each and interview test of 50 marks below:-
    The syllabus and marks will be as under:
    (1) Paper –I Gujarati Language 2 hours 100 Marks.
    (i) Report written 20 Marks
    (ii) Letter writing 20 Marks
    (iii) Essay writing 20 Marks
    (iv) Comprehension 20 Marks
    (v) Idioms and their meaning etc. 20 Marks

    (2) Paper –II General Knowledge and Psychological Test (Objective type)
    Time : One hours 100 Marks

    (3) Paper – III English Two Hours 100 Marks
    (i) Essay writing 25 Marks
    (ii) Precis writing 10 Marks
    (iii) Report writing 25 Marks
    (iv) Letter writing 10 Marks
    (v) Grammar 10 Marks
    (vi) Translation from Gujarati into English 10 Marks
    (vii) Translation from English into Gujarati 10 Marks
    Note : The standard of question paper of Gujarati as well as English will be of the level of the Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination conducted in the State.
    (4) Interview test 50 Marks
    The interview test will assess the overall ability of the candidates and cover
    subjects like general knowledge, current affairs, intelligence ability and
    psychological analysis. The committee constituted by the Board to conduct the interview test for the candidates shall include a psychologist as a member;
    Provided that candidates who possess the N.C.C, “C” Certificate shall be
    given additional two marks to the aggregate marks obtained.

    Download form from here psi_ib_test_format

    2) Gujarat PSI Bin hathiyari- – Class -III

    Here is sample paper and guideline for PSI exam


    3) Police Lok Raksak


    Source: http://police.gujarat.gov.in/