• Google has launched a Facebook looking like service Google +
     June 30th, 2011     admin     Posted in IT in Gujarat

    Google launched its own social network, in the hard competition with the Facebook Giant. Google+project is a service that is looking out very much with the Facebook social network principle. But, unlike Facebook, it permits sharing photos, impressions and status on the own group.

    This is the battle that Google chose to take in the hard competition to one of the highest internet boom of all times, Facebook. The Google+project is now available in a trial version, but soon it will be worldwide available.

    The company announced on Tuesday, in an official statement, that Google+project has something different that will surely convince the costumers to head their attention on another social media network.

    It also lets people share things with smaller groups of people through “circles”.  This means only workmates, school pals and families — but not all at once — would be able to see updates and photos. Google also says it will integrate it hi-tech mapping tools into the services.

    Google+ is the latest attempt by the search giant to dislodge Facebook from the top of the social networking industry after failing of Google wave.

    Link: http://www.google.com/+/

    Demo: http://www.google.com/intl/en/+/demo/

    Here are images and video of Google +