• Estranged couple trades punches at their kid’s school in Ahmedabad
     August 15th, 2012     Kunal     Posted in Education In Gujarat, Gujarat in News

    It was a 12-year-old girl’s birthday at St Xavier’s School that was spoilt by her parents as they decided to fight out their differences in full public view on Tuesday. The school authorities later submitted an application of complaint to Gujarat University police station after the incident.According to GU police officials, Richa (name changed), a student at St Xavier’s School near Darpan crossroads, was celebrating her birthday with her friends at the school campus on Tuesday morning when her mother came to meet her and give her a birthday present.

    “The news reached to Richa’s father, a lecturer at St Xavier’s College. The couple is divorced and is involved in an ugly legal battle over Richa’s custody and property. He had forbidden his former wife to contact Richa without court orders. On Tuesday when he was informed that his wife was meeting their daughter, he reached the school and confronted her. What followed was an ugly verbal spat that soon turned into fisticuffs,” said a GU police official.

    The school authorities rushed to intervene and separated the duo. However, by then the damage was done. Both were hurt in the violence and the woman reportedly sustained some broken teeth. When contacted, Father Ferdinand Durrai, principal of the school, confirmed the spat and stated that they intimated the city police to prevent such incidents to take place in the school premises that can have adverse impact on the children.