• Closes shave for 40 schoolchildren in Rajkot
     August 31st, 2012     Kunal     Posted in Gujarat in News

    Narsinh Kansara couldn’t stop thanking God after two Indian Air Force (IAF) choppers crashed midair. He still shudders thinking there were chances that choppers could have flattened the school building and buried nearly 40 children.

    Kansara is the principal of Pritiben Shah Primary School in Sarmat and the helicopters crashed barely 100 metre away from the building.

    “There couldn’t have been a worst tragedy in Jamnagar. We all have been saved by God’s grace,” he said.

    According to Kansara, the children had gathered for prayer at around 11.30 am as per the daily schedule. Just as the prayer and the morning assembly was about to finish, they heard a deafening blast.

    “We rushed out only to see the wreckage of the chopper. I first crashed on an electricity pole and then fell into a field. Children were terrified at the sight,” he said.

    Most children started wailing loudly and staff members had a tough time handling them. They immediately took the children away from the sight at a safe distance.

    Parents of the children, most of who live on the outskirts of the village, rushed to the school to pick up their wards.

    Ajay Bharwad, a class V student, said, “I was very scared. The blast was so loud. Our principal inquired and asked us not to worry about it.”

    “I was of terrified and was about to cry after the incident. I did not know what exactly happened. We all were scared. Later, my parents came and I left the school,” a class VII student Raj Bharwad said.

    Meanwhile, massive traffic jam was witnessed on the roads leading to the village from Jamnagar as curious citizens and other villagers rushed to see the wreckage after the news of the accident spread.