• Chauhan, Naik win donor seat in VNSGU senate in Surat
     August 15th, 2012     Kunal     Posted in Education In Gujarat, Gujarat in News

    All attempts of power groups at Veer Narmad South Gujarat University (VNSGU) to keep Mahendra Chauhan out of varsity senate on Tuesday proved futile after he won elections for the donor seat.

    He was elected on one of the two donor seats along with Dinkar Naik.

    Naik and Naishadh Desai, a senior Congressleader, were supported by the group affiliated toBJP. While Chauhan was contesting election independently with the support of Hoshang Mirza, leader of youth Congress.

    Out of the total 67 voters in donor constituency, 65 votes were exercised. Of these, 25 went in favour of Naik, 21 preferred Chauhan while 19 voters preferred Desai. The defeat is a major setback for Desai who lost the battle despite having support of power group at VNSGU and his own political seniority. Desai’s family donated a huge chunk of land to the varsity on which a major portion of the varsity is standing currently.

    Desai is currently president of Indian National Textile Workers Federation of Indian National Trade Union Congress. Desai’s residence is used as Congress office and majority of the party meetings and activity take place here.

    Chauhan’s victory is considered as a major upset for political circles within VNSGU as his candidature was cancelled at the time of filling in the forms. Chauhan challenged the cancellation in Gujarat High Court which then asked VNSGU to allow him to contest the election.