• Angry NID students punches professor in Ahmedabad
     August 7th, 2012     Kunal     Posted in Education In Gujarat, Gujarat in News

    After photography design professor Deepak John Mathew refused to arrange for security for the works of Sumit Kathuria, the two entered into a heated argument In an ugly face-off, a final-year student of photography design department at National Institute of Design (NID) assaulted a senior faculty on Monday at the institute’s Gandhinagar campus.

    Though no police complaint has been lodged in the matter, the fight between Sumit Kathuria, a student of postgraduate diploma in photography design and Deepak John Mathew, the coordinator of the course, was apparently waiting to happen, say photography students.

    According to sources, on Monday evening, Sumit was shifting his diploma work consisting of 28 photo frames from NID’s Paldi campus to Gandhinagar for an upcoming exhibition. Having spent Rs 75,000 from his own pocket for his work, Sumit expected some security for the same at Gandhinagar campus till his works were exhibited.

    However, Deepak refused to heed to his demands. Sumit’s work had been appreciated at the exhibition held at Paldi campus on July 31 and August 1. “We heard that Deepak reacted to Sumit’s request in an abusive manner which infuriated the former, leading to the brawl,” said a staff member refusing to be named.

    A student who witnessed the incident said, “There was a heated argument between Sumit and Deepak following which they got into a physical fight. Sumit punched him on the nose and people had to intervene to separate the two.”

    Regretting the turn of events, Sumit, who later wrote an apology letter stating, “As a human being, I regret the incident. It could have been avoided.” After the brawl, Mathew called up Gandhinagar police but did not lodge any complaint on the request of Sumit’s parents.

    “I do not wish to blow the incident out of proportion. The matter is resolved,” said Mathew. Akhil Succena, centre head, NID, Gandhinagar, said, “A heated argument between the student and the faculty took an ugly turn. Yes, what happened is unfortunate. But the matter has been resolved. The student gave us a written apology. No action has been taken against him.”

    Said a photography student on condition of anonymity, “I am not shocked at all. This was to happen with Deepak someday or the other. Barring a few, majority of postgraduate students have complaints regarding the execution of photography design course. There is dearth of quality faculty. We have just one permanent faculty for the department and the rest are visiting faculty members.

    Empty promises were made to us at the time of admission. We feel cheated.” “We feel that though the funds are sanctioned for the department, Deepak does not release it to the students. We are forced to spend exorbitant amounts from our pockets for academic projects since we don’t receive any financial support from the department.

    We are really annoyed with Deepak,” the student added. The final year postgraduate students of photography design also alleged that as promised during the admission, the institute failed to send them to University of Creative Arts (UCA), Farnham in United Kingdom.

    The training at UK was part of the collaborative course which has now been reduced to just a diploma course. “As per the collaboration between NID, Ahmedabad, and the University of Creative Arts (UCA), Farnham, UK, the postgraduate photography students were supposed to get a dual qualification — postgraduate diploma in photography design from NID and master of arts in Photography Design from UCA,“ said a student.

    “We were promised that as part of the dual course, the entire batch of 15 students will get an opportunity to pursue the course at UCA in the UK, too. But only one or two students could go. Now, after having paid a fee of Rs 3 lakh, all we will get is a postgraduate diploma certificate. Due to institute’s lack of vision and bad course structure, we have already suffered a lot,” said a final year student. Asked about these issues, Deepak said, “The allegations are false and baseless. They have been levelled against me only to defame me.”